Who else is already using our technology platform?

Our visual recognition platform is being used both in Fortune 500 companies to power large deployments of visual recognition systems, but it also powers apps of independent developers, who just have a great idea and rely on the free version of our plan. A selection of some interesting use-cases of our visual recognition platform follows below.

Tech Shortcut

Shortcut Reader - makes printed media interactive

Kind of API: Pro.

Shortcut Reader is literally a shortcut between real life and the Internet: take a picture of what you are reading in a newspaper or magazine and instantly get connected to the digital version. It also works with ads and billboards with the Shortcut icon. More information, in particular for publishers, can be found on http://www.shortcutmedia.com.

Shortcut Reader for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone

Tech Déjà Vu

kooaba Déjà Vu - your visual memory

Kind of API: Pro.

Déjà Vu helps you remember things visually. Use the iPhone app to snap visual memos on the go. A simple interface and image recognition support you in organizing your visual memos.

Déjà Vu Website

Tech Denner

Denner - in-store wine recognition

Kind of API: Pro.

Swiss retailer Denner is one of the most popular places to buy wine. Thy added visual recognition in their shopping app for their wine offerings. Scan a wine-label in the store and learn more about ratings and food pairing. You can also scan a wine you liked at home and add it to your Shopping list for the next visit. The recognition is one of the many features of the app, including best offers, competitions, etc.

Denner for Android Denner App for iPhone

Tech Denner

NCM Movie Night Out

Kind of API: Pro.

National CineMedia (NCM) operates NCM Media Networks, an integrated media company reaching U.S. consumers in movie theaters, online and through mobile technology. Their app Movie Night Out offers trailers, theater locations, showtimes, tickets, sharing, planning and more. For the latest version of their app, they wanted to augment the experience in lobby. Image recognition is part of this experience and lets you take pictures of posters and other movie related objects in the lobby.

NCM Movie Night Out for iPhone

Tech Ex libris

SportScheck - shop from printed catalogue

Kind of API: Pro.

The 750-page catalogue SportScheck, a member of the Otto Group in Germany, is made interactive catalogue using kooaba’s image recognition technology. Products you see in the catalog can be purchased by taking a picture. When you take a picture of a page, the reader is redirected to a view displaying the products from that page in a mobile shop, ready to be purchased. With one tap the product can be added to the shopping cart in the mobile app.

SportScheck on iTunes SportScheck Apps

Tech Vivino

Vivino - never forget another wine

Kind of API: Pro.

Use the Vivino app to take photos of the wines you drink. Using image recognition technology, the app will try to auto-match the wine with the Vivino database of wines. Share your experience with friends through social features.

Vivino on iTunes Vivino Website

Tech Ex libris

Ex-Libris - mobile price comparison with a snap

Kind of API: Pro.

Ex-Libris is running Switzerland's largest online store for media. Their iPhone app integrates kooaba's image recognition for price comparison. Just snap a picture of a book, CD, or DVD cover and get prices for buying the item at exlibris.

Exlibris on iTunes Exlibris Website


Monarchy - unlock exclusive content from the vault with a snap

Kind of API: Pro.

Electro artist Monarchy's latest iPhone app was powered by kooaba image recognition.This is the official iPhone app for the enigmatic London synth pop duo Monarchy. In this app you get full tracks, including an exclusive track not available on the album, videos, news and updates. There is also a unique “Vault” section where you can use your camera to unlock hidden content, tracks and videos.

Monarchy on iTunes Monarchy Vault Website

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Tech Big Snap2travel

Snap2Travel - makes paper travel-catalogues interactive

Kind of API: Pro.

Snap2Travel is the only travel app that brings brochures, catalogues and advertisements to life. It allows users to snap photos on their smart phones and receive instant and relevant information about the images they take. Travel information, real time pricing and availability is only one snap away with Snap2Travel and your smart phone.

Snap2Travel on iTunes Snap2Travel Website

Tech Swiss post

Swiss Post

The Swiss Post app integrates kooaba image recognition, in order to link their brochures to online video material. Just snap a picture of Post brochures using the Swiss Post app, and get multimedia content such as videos.

Swiss Post on iTunes